Submission Guidelines & Procedures

  • You must be 18 years or older to participate
  • You must possess and present evidence of identity and United States employment eligibility (valid for the duration of the Program)

If you have previously applied to the Program and have not been selected, you are welcomed and encouraged to apply again. However you are required to submit a different spec script for each new submission period.

Application materials should be clipped to the front of the writing sample and not bound within material.

Appropriate spec scripts must be:

  • Comedic
  • Live Action or Animation
  • Based on a half-hour television series that is currently on-air and being produced for primetime network or cable (series must have been on-air for at least one season).
  • Typed in standard Final Draft (or equivalent) script format
  • In black ink
  • In 12pt courier style font
  • On 8-1/2 x 11, 3-hole punched white paper
  • With only two brass fasteners (top & bottom)

All spec scripts must include a cover page listing the show name and show title, along with your name, address, and telephone number (please do not put your name on every page).

The following materials will NOT be considered: feature-length screenplays, hour-long dramas, reality-based comedies or dramas, pilots, treatments, outlines, plays, short stories, books, graphics, magazine/newspaper articles, poems, headshots, audio/video tapes, digital media, loose-leaf pages or non-U.S. content.

Please note: Submissions that do not adhere to these guidelines will not be considered.